The purpose of this end-of-study work is to present the usefulness of thresholds within a Chinese rural territory in Youyang. The aim is to highlight the typological mechanisms of the thresholds present in relation to the theoretical reflections of architects, sociologists and anthropologists who have addressed the subject. The subject continues with the analysis of thresholds across the different scales of the territory: from the threshold from the valley to the tiny threshold of the diajiaolou house. The text is structured in such a way as to explain the different definitions of the threshold and the way in which of which it is made up. Once the foundations have been laid, the work shows that the habits and customs make the thresholds habitable by elements of nature, materiality and size in order to establish Tujia culture and connections between the different villages. Finally, the development of a training and information centre on the outskirts of villages will provide application some of the devices developed in the theoretical reflection.

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