Contributions from LOCI

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Prof. Christine Fontaine, prof. Joëlle Houdé, prof. Jean-Louis Vanden Eynde, prof. Jean-Paul Verleyen

o Sharing survey techniques in the areas under study by graphic means
o Diagnosing built heritage in situ
o Thematic understanding of project potential in the territory under study
o Landscape and ecological approach, particularly in the understanding of the cycle of matter.


Contributions from LOCI partners

o The College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing Jiaotong University (CQJTU)
o The Chongqing Bureau for Foreign Experts Affairs and the Youyang County government institutions
o The agronomists Mr. Che Xingbi, Senior Agronomist, Seed station of Chongqing, and
o Mr. François Serneels, Agronomist Engineer at the Haute Ecole Condorcet – Ath.